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Most Common Purposes For Getting The Police Clearance Certificate Uae.

A police clearance certificate (PCC) is an evidence of your good conduct which is available for applicants who are currently staying in the UAE and also for those who are no longer staying in the UAE. In the UAE, the certificate is issued by police departments all over the UAE and it shows that the person is not accused or does not have any criminal acts.Most common purposes for getting the UAE PCC:It is also needed while you are migrating or relocate in another countryfrom UAEIt is also essential for family visa to any country from UAEPCC is also needed for getting a family visa.To open a new business in a foreign country for a person moving from UAEPCC is useful for higher studies alsoUAE government offers a police justification to its residents and immigrants who are making plans to relocate overseas for fulfilling their various needs. A purpose of a Police clearance certificate is to indicate that the applicant has or has not had any criminal records in the past. It is only given to persons who have not committed any crime. The certificate makes an entry to any foreign country easier.  Police clearance certificate UAE is a valid report issued by the UAE government to specify that the candidate has not performed any unlawful offense or unsafe crime against individual as well as against national conspiracy. In order to get a UAE PCC the applicant has to submit few documents.Documents required for UAE PCC:Emirates ID.2 Passport size photo.Passport copy.It is very challenging for a person who has done a crime in the past to get a police clearance certificate. Only if the authorities feel that the individual does not have any criminal records in his name he will be eligible to get police clearance certificate. Persons relocating or migrating to some other country on a tourist visa cannot be given a PCC. But this certificate is very important when a person needs to take a job in a foreign country.People who wish to migrate from UAE need police clearance certificate from UAE. The police clearance certificate is done to prove that your document is authentic and real.

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