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Why Choose Virtual Assistant Rather Than A Chatbot?

Chatbots are virtual assistants are two names that are spoken of in the same tone. There seems to be a lot of ambiguity over both these technologies. With a myriad chatbot tools in the market, the scope of these two is vastly different. Chatbots are mostly loyal to an organization. Each time you visit a website you might see the company’s official chatbot greeting you and asking whether you have any queries that you want answered. On the other hand, a virtual assistant such as the likes of Cortana or Siri are thoroughly user-oriented. Bots are programmed to perform repetitive tasks and cannot modulate replies. Virtual assistants create an experience for the user altogether, transporting him/her to a different world. Both chatbots and virtual assistants feature a human interface system, in the sense that they understand what the user is saying and have in-built replies to give to the user. Having said this, there are reasons why virtual assistants score over chatbots. Below are certain ways that differentiate virtual assistants from chatbots and are the reason why VAs are more preferable: Intelligence Quotient: Chatbots are majorly text-based. Also, they are programmed to only reply to a certain set of questions. If the question falls outside the defined line of questioning, the Chatbot will not be able to reply. It will not be able to continue with human interaction. Chatbots are also unable to process languages. Their way of interacting is more similar to that of an FAQ. Chatbots are generally text-based but also use audios and pictures to interact. Virtual assistants, on the other hand, have a more sophisticated interactive platform. Not only do they understand the language of the user but also the meaning behind it. Virtual assistants are capable of interacting with humans for longer periods and can also be programmed to perform tasks that are slightly harder than the routine ones. In terms of intelligence, the VA wins the debate on virtual assistant vs chatbots.   Natural Language Processing: Chatbots are programmed to respond to a particular language. A change in language can make them unresponsive. They will only respond if they pick words familiar to them, with a response they have been programmed with. They operate with a structured dialogue, meaning they give specific replies to specific questions and fail to reply to complex questions they are not programmed to answer. In such cases, the chatbot never replies appropriately. On the other hand, virtual assistants concentrate on natural language processing and natural language understanding. They are built with advanced capabilities and can understand slangs generally part of everyday conversations. Natural language processing makes virtual assistants more conversational than chatbots. Their ability to handle conversations with ease germinates from hard-coding, wildcard matching of words and time-consuming keyword training. This is where the difference between chatbots and personal assistant becomes evident.   Tasks: Chatbots have limited use. When it comes to customer support and automated buying, they are not programmed with sophisticated algorithms. Chatbots do tasks based on simple rules and are unable to perform complex tasks. In these times, almost every customer service request and interaction is automated. Virtual assistants, on the other hand, are capable of performing a wide variety of tasks ranging from product comparison to finding the best product based on the given features to sharing jokes and playing music and even passing on stock market updates. VAs, unlike chatbots, mature gradually. VAs are better suited for tasks. This should persuade you to hire a personal virtual assistant in India.   Technology: The most common technology used to program chatbots are the generative model and the selective model. The former has plenty of layers and questions posed by users go through each layer before finally come out of the chatbot as the one which is most appropriate. On the other hand, selective model, also known as ranking model, ranks information by the user with its current memory information. It then goes into a sequence and comes up with the best response. Chatbots are trained with structured data and can be made on languages such as node.js and python and javascript. On the other hand, virtual assistants operate on artificial neural networks to deal with situations. Artificial neural networks help VAs to recognize, classify and predict based on analysis. Popular APIs include api.ai, wit.ai, Melissa, Clarifai, Amazon AI, Tensorflow, IBM Watson etc. These reasons should compel you to hire a personal virtual assistant in India and choose an intelligent virtual assistant in this debate on virtual assistant vs chatbots.

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