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Termites: How to Identify and Control Them

Termite control for companiesTermites can cause a lot of damage to buildings, so they are the last thing a business needs to function properly. Classia Pest Control technicians have the necessary experience to provide the best termite control service for your business, and we can even provide termite prevention services through periodic inspections. Classia Pest Control termite control treatment provides a valuable service to companies so they don't have to worry about termite problems. This treatment includes: Regular inspections for termites or damage caused by them.Installation of a bait system and periodic reviews to track its evolution.Termite control treatment effectively to avoid further problems in your business. Protect your home and your family from termitesThe termites are a kind of insects that consume wood and other cellulose materials. Although some structures are more prone to termite attack, all houses are potentially susceptible to an invasion of termites. Many homeowners worry about fires or floods but, in fact, termite damage is much more common. Even if your house is built primarily of brick or stone, you may still encounter a termite problem, because the supports of the structure as well as other building components are constructed of wood and other materials that contain cellulose. Therefore, no building is completely safe from termite attack. Over time, the damage caused by termites can be considerable. Termite damage weakens wood, which can ultimately lead to costly repairs and damage to the structure. Home insurance does not cover the damage caused by termites (the risk is too high and too expensive). Termites can be difficult to detect and can access houses, buildings and structures through underground tunnels that originate in the nest (which can be up to 100m away). Virtually all of Dhaka is affected by the presence of underground termites. Why Classia Pest Control?Your home is your most important investment and the owners have been committed to Classia Pest Control over decades to help them solve their termite problems.In Classia Pest Control we have a Division specialized in wood treatment, with more than 30 years of experience in termite control, woodworm and other wood insects. Do not hesitate to contact us if you need a free inspection in which a Classia Pest Control wood treatment expert will help you diagnose your pest problem. Types of termitesAmong the different castes of a termite colony, we can point out three: breeding termes, workers and soldiers The breeding termes are winged insects of 8 to 10 mm. long, black and membranous wings that fall after intercourse. The workers' termes are unclean and blind, measuring 4 to 6 mm. And they are white. Its function is to dig the galleries and build tunnels. They are the ones that degrade the wood and feed the rest of the colony The soldiers are hot and usually blind, measuring about 8 mm. And they are white. It is responsible for defending the colony. Termites nest in the ground, where they find the humidity and temperature necessary for their development. From this underground nest, which is the main center of the colony, they build galleries, which, sheltered from the light, allow them to reach the timber of the buildings in search of the cellulosic materials that constitute their food. The galleries are upholstered by a mixture of earth, wood particles, droppings and saliva. These galleries, always parallel to the fiber and without sawdust, leave a thin surface layer that prevents its presence from being easily determined. In some cases 2 mm black holes are observed. of diameter in the ceilings and the walls that serve for aeration. Their main food is cellulose, and they attack all types of wood, except some tropical species. To reach the wood the termes are able to cross plaster, plastic and even reinforced concrete. Termite species in DhakaIn Dhaka, three termite species have been detected mainly: Termites of wet wood. ( Kalotermes flavicolis ) They feed on decaying wood, for example old tree strains, decaying trunks, and pieces of buried wood. Once they have created their nest and have established themselves, they can move on to other healthy wooden structures of the buildings.Termites of dry wood. ( Criptotermes brevis ) They devour dry wood, for example of furniture, building structures, works of art, etc. They extend their nests by eating wood in all directions, and over time they can leave the pieces of wood completely hollow inside, although no anomaly will be seen outside. They are usually detected by droppings that leave infected wood. They are located mainly in the Canary Islands, although it is increasingly common to find them in the peninsula.Underground termites. ( Reticulitermes ) Nests are built on the ground, since these termites depend heavily on the soil for moisture. In their search for food, they build mud tubes because they are susceptible to drying out when exposed to air. Underground termites normally open their way up the earth to reach wood or any other source of cellulose. Then, cellulose is divided into simple starch with the help of protozoa in the abdomen of termites. Classia Pest Control termite control solutionsWhether the termites attack a public building, their home or a monument, rapid measures must be taken to control and eliminate the termite colony . In those moments, you will certainly like to have the help of the best expert to end the problem. In Classia Pest Control we are experts in the elimination of colonies of termites and other insects from wood ; We have been doing termite treatments throughout D for more than 2 years, from the Mosque of Cordoba to entire villages in the Basque Country we have performed thousands of services. We also have Tecma, our unit specialized exclusively in wood pests.

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