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How You Can Join The Growing Number Of Working Moms From Home

Working moms from home is a growing phenomenon -- thanks to the Internet.  The Internet provides many opportunities for at home work for moms or anyone who wishes to be working fromhome.  This is especially useful for mothers with young children who are not yet in school.  If you have a strong desire to become a  stay at home mom working from home, rest assured it is possible for you to join the ever-growing number of women working from home.The first thing to do is decide if you want a Mommy JOB or BUSINESS?  There are very clear differences between a job and a business:JOB:• You work for someone else.• Your time belongs to someone else.• You are usually paid by the hour or by project.• You never have to pay to find an online job. (Beware of scammers who try and tell you otherwise!)• You need to have marketable skills or previous experience.• Success is based on what someone else thinks you’re worth.BUSINESS:• You work for yourself.• Your time is your own.• Your “pay” is based on commissions or profits.• There are always expenses – at least minimal.• You only need ideas, passion, and determination.• Success is based on how much you work.Think about how you’d like to spend your time and what you’d like to spend your time doing.  If you choose a route that fits you, you’re more likely to be successful.Online Work For Moms At HomeThe most common (and easiest) types of stay at home work for moms include some sort of writing -- writing articles for websites, online magazines, and even blogs.Here are some other ideas:- Professional Services -If you have a specialized skill such as photography, design, computer programming, or copywriting, you can offer your services to other businesses.- Internet Research -Librarian-style research skills come in handy if you’d like doing online research for offline businesses – large and small -- on various topics.- Employment Recruiting -A recruiter --also known as a “headhunter” or “executive searcher”—finds and recruits potential candidates for companies.  Those companies then pay a finder’s fee when a candidate is hired.- Consulting -If you have a specialized skill in a particular industry, you can offer your knowledge and experience to other businesses.- Virtual Assistant (VA) -A virtual assistant provides professional administrative support to business owners via a home office.Online Home BusinessesBuilding a home web business is another great way for stay at home moms to make money from working at home.All businesses have start up costs but, one of the greatest advantages of home web businesses is that they’re much less expensive than typical offline businesses.  Nonetheless, you should decide ahead of time what you’re willing and able to spend.  Every type of business has two costs -- a little money and lots of time.Some ideas:- Affiliate Marketing -If you don’t think you have much to share with the world, you can always become an affiliate marketer.  Affiliates promote what others have already produced and make money based on referral sales.- Blogging -Would your friends say you’re “opinionated”? -- Start an online blog.A blog site contains articles, reviews, or journal-style writings arranged in chronological order. You earn money by selling advertising and/or including affiliate marketing.- E-Commerce -E-commerce means the buying and selling of electronically-based products or services.  You could write and sell ebooks if you have a lot of experience or knowledge about something — baking, organizing, cake decorating, woodworking, etc.- Arts & Crafts -If you’re a talented craftsman, you could start a website selling your handiwork.  Do you paint?  Woodwork?  Sew?  Knit?- Auction Sales -Involves selling or reselling products via an online marketplace. You don’t actually need your own website for this, but many successful home businesses do.When trying to come up with "at home work ideas", first and foremost, go with your passions. Consider what things interest and motivate you the most -- otherwise it can be hard to stay energized.  You’re only limited by your imagination.You can start your internet business by building a simple website.  Whether your love is for cupcakes, baby names, kayaking, hair accessories, or cheese graters, a one-page website is all you need to start your experience as one-of-the-many working moms from home.  Get going.

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