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Laughing and Crying

Normal 0      Notsure about any of you folks, but I was raised to one of the old sayings “Mendon’t cry!”  Well, I can veryconfidently tell you that it is a huge pile of whale dung.  Anyone, man or woman, that states they don’tcry are among some of the biggest liars on the face of this planet.  I have cried many times throughout my life,and guess what…it has the same benefits as laughing!      Whether we laugh or cry doesn’t matter --- they both release enormousamounts of stress in our bodies, and allow our brains to operate moreefficiently.  Again, a whole book couldbe written on the benefits of laughing and crying.  Any more, I don’t feel embarrassed when I do either one, even inpublic.     They are two of the most fantastic ways that allow us to cope with allof life’s problems, no matter how large or small they are.  Try them both a lot, and I have no doubtsthat you will eventually find your self much more sure and capable of handling almostanything that comes your way.      When we laugh or cry, wonderful things occurin us.  The creepy things inside of uslook around and discover that the body is going through some type oftransformation…its ridding itself of an enormous amount of stress thatpermeates the entire system.  All themuscles shed themselves of their constrictions, which allows the brain to alsorelax and operate more efficiently…now it can focus on all of the importantmatters, such as:  Freeing up the immune system, so it can search out and destroy all of the viruses. Searching through the one billion neurons (brain cells) for the list of items that we have to do, should do, and then what we wish to do…which in turn, coughs up a more complete list…which in turn, gives us a clearer list…which in turn, creates more confidence in us because we now know exactly what has to be done. Also searching for places we need to go to accomplish the items on the list, and how and what to do when we get there…which gives us even more confidence. Opening the veins more, so our blood can flow more freely. Relaxing our entire being, which allow us to sleep more deeply --- (REM sleep) Freeing our entire system of all of the waste materials. Engaging the imagination with the neurons, so we may arrive at new ideas and methods of attaining our goals we have set for ourselves. Making us more aware that we are human, and therefore have the power and capability to go almost anywhere we wish, do almost anything we want, and become the type of person we desire to be…which in turn, will make us realize that we can not only improve ourselves, but also our financial income. Allowing others to realize that we are also human just like them…which in turn, creates more interest in us…which in turn, leads to new relationships upon which we can expand and learn from them, and them from us…which in turn, means we experience a lot less of loneliness, and gives us a reason to look forward to another day. Frees our mind to dream about all of the possibilities we could accomplish if we write down our goals, and the steps needed to attain them.      Of course, I could easily go on and onabout all of the benefits of laughing and crying, but one of the main things toremember about them, is that we can almost repeat them as often as wewish…which in turn, means we may improve ourselves and our lives almostexponentially. Imagine what you will discover next!

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