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Dental Implant Cost in In India

Smile Care Dental Hospital is known as one of the most known affordable dental implant hospital in Hyderabad. They believe in providing expert dental care at pocket friendly packages. They have expert team at both their centers at Kothapet and Champapet with state-of-the-art facility to provide with dental implants at affordable packages and rates. To book appointment please visit https://www.smilehospitals.com/contact-us/ The cost of dental implants in India can be as low as 60%-80% as compared to USA and other European countries. Before going to estimated cost of implants it is important to understand the cost factors. Here are few of the guiding factors that can help you to decide on what price you can expect for dental implants in India. Brand Apart from the Name of the hospital where dental procedure is to take place, the brand of dental implants to be fitted will matter a lot. So, it is advised to know from your doctor what dental implant is being considered and what other brand options are available.   Process There are many chains of procedures which are followed as per the prevailing dental condition of the patients. If patient’s dental condition is worst then it will require more work and complex procedure for the cure.   Expert The doctor attending the patient may be generous enough to charge reasonable fees based on their experience and bright past record.   There are different Dental implant procedures and some of them with their approximate rates in the market are given below for guidance purpose for ease of making budget for patients. Please note the actual rates will vary through hospital and clinic. Simple tooth implant may vary from Rs. 20,000 and may go as high to Rs. 50,000 based on the factors mentioned above. Crown fitment may cost from Rs. 10,000 to Rs. 20,000. Complex implants on whole mouth per jaw basis can cost from Rs. 4,00,000 to Rs. 6,00,00 depending on the type of treatment and procedure required. The above costs given are for initial budget estimate. We advise you to get appointment and consult doctors to know exact procedure required for the treatment required as per the prevailing condition of the patient and anesthesia requirement. The cost may vary. Please also note that there will be cost implication pre as well as post dental implant procedures for medicine and other important things to take care to full recovery. To know more about us you can visit our website https://www.smilehospitals.com/ and fix a virtual appointment or visit appointment for any dental health checkup.

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