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8 Digital Transformation Tools Brands Must Consider Revealing Digitalization

Digital transformation is considered by most of the businesses these days. They have kept it at the top list as they know it well that without considering it, they just cannot survive in the competitive world of business. And when it comes to adopting digitalization for business, then entrepreneurs are considering technologies like the Internet of Things (IoT), cloud, big analytics, and many others. As per the SMB Group report, more than 48% of businesses are planning to adopt digitalization for their business while around 36% of brands have already shown their support for digital transformation by implementing it for their business whereas approximately 16% businesses have even not thought of leveraging digital transformation for their business.  Top Tools to Master & Bring Digital Transformation in Your Business  Digital transformation helps businesses to improve the overall process of the business. They can use digital technology at their workplace to make the operational process more efficient. One of the reports reveals that businesses have experienced an 18% increase in their revenue growth after considering modern technology for their business. Even businesses can use various tools to start the digital transformation for their business. 1. Stripe It is one of the most preferred online payment systems which has developed economic infrastructure on the web. Stripe facilitates businesses to accept online payments, which ultimately helps them to enhance their financial operations for the internet. It is an American technology-based company which is located in San Francisco, California.Stripe protects businesses from online frauds and provides an effective banking infrastructure that is required to handle online payments. Using it, businesses can easily develop economic infrastructure on the web, it also makes it easy for businesses to collect or transfer payment online.  2. SlackIt is a cloud-based proprietary platform developed by Slack technologies. It is one of the most sophisticated instant messaging tools which can be used by businesses to speed up their messaging process. Businesses can improve and can streamline the communication process using this advanced tool. It is considered as the best tool for collaboration by the businesses, which also helps them in various fields like process and project management. It can be used by businesses free of cost for a short duration of time.  3. Xero This cloud-based accounting platform can be used by an accountant and small businesses to maintain and perform accounting work accurately. Recently Hey Xero was introduced on this platform, which is a Facebook messenger chatbot. This software helps businesses to find bookkeepers and accountants nearby them. This advanced platform was recently migrated to Amazon Web Services (AWS), which means it enables businesses to leverage AWS artificial intelligence and machine learning services.  4. Hubspot HubSpot was founded in 2006 by Dharmesh Shah and Brian Halligan and has emerged as the best e-learning source for digital marketers. Its services and products aim to provide tools for web analytics, content management, services, social media marketing,  SEO, etc. It offers open-source tools for businesses and marketers, which they can use for various purposes. (Source) 5. QuickbaseIt is a low-code platform for users which was found in 1999, this platform has proved to be beneficial for non-tech professionals as it helps them to create on-demand apps as per their requirement. Quickbase is very helpful for business entrepreneurs who are mostly dealing with spreadsheets. It also provides access to all authorized users to use and explore the Excel spreadsheet that don't know how to develop the app for their business.  6. Social PilotIt is a cost-effective tool that is used for social media management. This simple tool poses the most important place when it comes to the digital chain. It allows businesses to improve engagement, manage social media channels, analyze various data, and much more. Social Pilot is an advanced tool that avail businesses with a great dashboard, which helps them to check data about the campaigns running, this analysis work was carried out by ppc agency when there was the unavailability of such advanced tools. This tool offers full access to the businesses, they can even enjoy bulk scheduling when they use this platform for social media management for their business.  7. TensorFlowIt's a machine learning framework that was developed by Google researchers. It was developed in 2011 to solves 57% of queries of the businesses. It also helps businesses to handle their customers effectively by answering their common questions. Businesses can experience a 24% increase in their sales after implementing the same. It runs effectively on multiple GPUs and CPUs and is available for 64-bit macOS, Linux, Windows, and other mobile computing platforms, which includes iOS and Android.  8. ChatbotsIt is one of the most promising tech tools which provided various advantages to the businesses. It helps businesses to handle their customers more accurately by providing excellent customer service whenever they demand. It poses the ability to interact with customers more efficiently and understand and answer their questions appropriately. After implementing a chatbot in the business environment, businesses need not have to worry about the huge investing penny on customer service. It will provide excellent customer service to customers all the time. Now businesses do not need to hire two different staff to provide 24/7 service to the customers, the chatbot will deal with customers and will make them happy.  Wrapping It UpAll the above-discussed tools must be considered as profitable investments for businesses, which can help them to earn high returns on investment. It will benefit businesses in many terms, like saves advertising costs, energy, resources, and time. After adopting any of the tools, businesses can measure the tremendous value which has been added to their business. And as a business entrepreneur, you fail to adopt and implement this digital transformation shift for your business, then it's sure that you will lose many opportunities. Businesses need to invest in advanced tools that streamline their business process and helps them to meet their business goals in lesser time.  

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