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5 Best VAT Service Providers in Dubai

A VAT is a tax levied on goods and services and has been recently introduced by the UAE government. This tax system is being followed by more than 100 countries all over the world and is said to be better than traditional sales taxes. This new system has required all establishments to make changes to their business processes to comply with the new taxation. The companies are required to submit VAT returns before the deadline every year, and they also have to record their transactions accurately using the relevant software like Tall ERP, which is VAT compliant.VAT service providers in Dubai have the expertise to handle all issues like filing of VAT returns, and they ensure that their clients do not have to worry about anything related to VAT. Leading VAT Service Providers in DubaiThere are numerous professional VAT service firms in Dubai, but to simplify your process of selection, we are providing a list of the top 5 firms:   Al Meezan Accounting and BookkeepingAl Meezan Accounting and Bookkeeping is a company made up of a group of professionally qualified accountants with vast knowledge and experience in all accounting and taxation aspects like VAT. They have been in this field for many years, catering to happy clients in the UAE, USA, Pakistan, and the United Kingdom. Their team includes chartered accountants, CPAs, MBAs who have more than 20 years of experience in the accounting and taxation field. They understand the specific needs of the clients and solve their various accounts and tax-related issues. Their services are inclusive of VAT accounting, VAT registration, VAT returns filing, etc. They also undertake the preparation of financial statements, books of accounts, and other account-related services, ensuring that all records are compliant with the laws. Apex AuditingApex Auditing, is one of the most sought companies for accounting and taxation consulting in the UAE. Their skilled professional accounting staff undertakes all accounting services like conducting audits, VAT returns filing, preparing reports, etc. The company strongly believes in values like integrity and ethics in business, and dedicatedly strives to ensure maximum customer satisfaction.     Best Books LLC Best Books LLC has made a name for itself as a professional accounting service provider in the UAE. It takes care of all your VAT based services using Tally ERP 9, besides also handling other aspects of accounting like Internal Auditing and bookkeeping. The company’s skilled team of qualified accountants and Tally software experts analyze data, prepare detailed reports, and provide precise performance reports for its clients so that they can conduct their business efficiently. The firm prepares its reports based on the customer’s specific needs. Many clients have benefitted from the valuable advice offered by Best Books, and this has led to their being known as a very reliable financial consultant in the UAE, having received more than 200 awards.Vatman Accounting servicesThey have a team of committed members who are always ready to serve clients for VAT related queries and also other accounting related work. A VAT is a crucial part of a business, and many times, companies need to hire VAT experts who can fulfill their tax requirements. Vatman Accounting services ensure that VAT has been filed on time, thereby obliging the government of the country. Their accountants can also help in bookkeeping.ACS Majdi Auditing of AccountsACS Majdi Auditing of Accounts offer the best services for all financial and business requirements in the UAE. They consider themselves as the business partners of their clients and are available to them throughout the day. The company’s team is an expert in all VAT related matters and ensure that their clients are well prepared to handle all VAT requirements. By taking care of their accounting and VAT matters, they allow their clients to devote their time to other business issues and help them maximize their productivity. Their services are much in demand, and they have all types of clients seeking their services.By opting for one of the VAT services listed above, you can focus your energy on other areas of your business, with the assurance that all your VAT problems will be taken care of in the most efficient manner possible. It will enable you to make the most appropriate financial decisions that will help to maximize your returns and make the best of available resources.   

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