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Kiditos Kids Camera

Made using Eco-Friendly Silicon material: The shell of the camera is made using eco-friendly silicon. The shock-proof nature of silicon keeps your kids safe from electrical surges when the device is charging. Vivid and attractive design: The Kiditos kids’ digital camera comes with a range of bright and attractive colors. It has been designed to draw out the curiosity of children. Rechargeable battery: All you need is a USB cable to recharge Kiditos mini camera. This kid’s waterproof camera can be used underwater without the water harming the battery. HD Video and 8 Megapixel Lens: This kids’ digital camera comes with an option for HD Video. It makes for the perfect way for kids to record their memories. Kiditos, the kids’ digital camera, has an 8 Megapixel Lens. The camera has access to a 32GB memory card to store these high-quality pictures and videos. Portable and convenient to use: Kiditos mini camera is the perfect size for kids to hold. It offers a great grip with its silicon material, thus, your children will not drop the camera. Kiditos is also a kids’ waterproof camera, thus, enabling your children to capture videos underwater.

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